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Perth Firm kicks goals in Europe

Perth-based company has signed three major contracts in Europe for its advance video surveillance equipment to equip trains, a metro system and trams. The contracts are with British, French and Polish rail operators and boost the company’s presence in the tough European marketplace.

Transport Upgrade Bonus

Upgrading the transport network in Sydney and Melbourne could gain the two cities $3.5 billion a year in economic opportunities - $1.1b for Melbourne and $2.4b for Sydney, a study a London-based consulting company claims. Commissioned by Siemens, the study looks at transportation networks in 35 major cities around the globe and assesses how prepared they are to meet challenges, including population growth and higher competition.

Why Not Higher Speed Rail ?

As Japan celebrates the 50th anniversary of the opening of the game-changing the Tokaido Shinkansen linking Tokyo and Osaka, Dr Philip Laird of the University of Wollongong says Australia should look at upgrading existing lines to permit Higher Speed Rail while at the same time reserving land for a future HSR corridor.